5 Best Apps for Android and iOS May 2015


This is a must have App for everyone, wifimapper is created to help Peoples Find publically available Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. The Developers Say it has more than 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots Lists. And you can also differentiate Free Wi-Fi and non-free Wi-Fi Networks.

Wifimapper relies on user’s feedback, the users Provide information on the Performance of individual hotspots and highlight networks that are free and not free.

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Field Trip

Field Trip is like a Guide to the hidden, Unique and cool things in the world around you. How this App works is it runs in the background on your Smartphone, when you are close to something important it will show you a card with detail about the location you are in.

5 Best Apps for Android and iOS May 2015
image fieldtripper.com

With field Trip you can learn about anything from local history to the latest and Best Places to Eat, Shop, and have fun.

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Microsoft sunrise calendar released a New Update this month. The new update added a new keyboard to the App. Which makes it easy to view your availability and Schedule meetings. For example if you are reading a SMS or Email instead of switching Apps you can simply open up a new keyboard and get an overview of your schedules.

5 Best Apps for Android and iOS May 2015
image sunrise.am

If you are using sunrise in iOS you have to add and manage the keyboard as you would with any third Party keyboard in your main Settings menu. If you are an Android user you can manage your keyboards in Device Settings under Language and input.

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Yallo is a calling App, it is Designed to make Phone calls Easier. Yallo provides a range of productivity tools to enhance your Phone calls.

Yallo Features

Call- captioning: which is giving your calls a tittle so you can let the person Know why you are calling.

Call Recorder: you can Record and save your calls and Playback the calls anytime you want.

Travelling abroad: if you travel abroad you don’t have to Purchase Expansive calling Plans, while you are in foreign countries you can use you data Plans or Wi-Fi with yallo and every call you make and Receive will be free

Yallo Go: yallo Supports Wi-Fi Calling so you can make and Receive Call even if you don’t have your mobile Network.

5 Best Apps for Android and iOS May 2015
image yallo.com

Currently Yallo available for Android and the iOS version is in Development.

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BitTorrent Bleep

You Probably know about bitTorrent, it is an File Sharing Service. Now bitTorrent Released an instant Messaging app. There is no Social Networks invoiced in Bleep. The App is mainly focused on Privacy. All messages you send on Bleep are encrypted so no user information, Encryption keys, and messages leak from your device.

Bleep’s Whisper mode adds an extra level of security. The Messages the user sent as Whispers disappear as soon as they are read.in Bleep Peoples are identified by their nicknames the App won’t ask for your name or any other Personnel information. However the users can still find their Friends using the Phone Contact List.

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