4 Dropbox Features you Probably don’t Know

If you are using Dropbox desktop App, you probably know how magical the Dropbox folder is. Whenever you save a Document, Video, or Photo to the folder, it will automatically backed up Online and you can access the file in all of your devices.

If you are a new user, you may not know that you can do even more interesting things with your Files – from sharing, commenting, working on a file together, and view older version of files. You can do these things right from the Dropbox folder on your computer.

4 Dropbox Features you Probably don't Know

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While you are in Dropbox folder just right click on any folder or file. And you will get a drop down menu with the following Options:

4 Dropbox Features you Probably don't Know

Share Dropbox Link:

You can create link for a file with one click and Send it quickly. Just right click a drop box folder or file and click on “Share Dropbox Link” when you do this a link to your file will create and automatically copied to your clipboard.

Now just Past the Link in an Email or chat and the recipient can view or Download a copy of that file.

Share This Folder

This Option will be useful, if you want to Work on files together with Friends or colleagues. Anyone who join your Shared folder will be able to view and Edit your Files Directly.

If someone Edit and make changes on a File, everyone who is Part of the group will get the Latest version of that file. So no more emailing different version of a file back and forth.

View Previous Versions

When working a File together as Team mistakes might happen, so if you want to see an Older Version of that file. You can do that, when you are in Dropbox Folder Right click on that File and Choose View Previous Version of a File.

This will Open Dropbox Website and Show you the file’s versions history for Past 30 days. If you want to change to one of those older version, you can do it in few Clicks.

Comment on This File

When you right click on a file in your Dropbox folder click Comment on this File and Lets start a discussion around it. Without Starting an Email thread or chat you can simply gather feedback on a file.

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