23 Evernote Tips and Tricks to organize your Life

Evernote Provides Many Services to Organize your Life. With Evernote you can take Notes, Save Web pages, sync files across Devices, capture inspiration and more. Evernote become a staple app on PC and Mobile. Here few Evernote Hacks, Tip and Tricks to organize your Life.

1.You can use Evernote Food to save recipes, tag Photos of meals, and Check suggested Recipes and Restaurants.

2.Use the Evernote web clipper to save anything you see online you can save an entire page or one Specific Section.

3.Keep all of your receipts and invoices in Evernote and have expensify connected with Evernote.Expensify will automatically create an Expense Report for you.

22 Evernote Tips and Tricks to organize your Life
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4.You can Backup your Blog Posts in Evernote using IFTTT Recipes. Later you can use your Posts into a mind map for new Topic ideas.

5.Use the Search Term “Source:mobile” to find notes Created on your Mobile Phone.

6.To Encrypt a Sensitive Text in Evernote, Select the Text then Right Click and Select “Encrypt Selected text”.

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7.With Evernote App FastPencil Anyone can create and distribute a Book in Evernote, from Start to Finish.

8.Use the Search box to manage to do lists. Type “todo:false” to find Unchecked Items in all of your to do Lists notes.

9.You can Use your Evernote Email Address to move your Email newsletters into Evernote. By doing this you can have an uncluttered Inbox.

10.Connect Pocket and Evernote, Save Web Clipping and Web Articles to Pocket for Review. After the review Pocket will send the best Articles to Evernote.

Connect Pocket and Evernote. Save Web Clipping and Web Articles to Pocket for Review.
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11.Create a Table of contents for each notebook so you can quickly access notes from the List of Tittles.

12.If you are in a Presentation and taking Notes, Instead of typing notes you can Record Audio by clicking the microphone icon in Evernote.

13.If you keep lot of sensitive information in Evernote use Two Step Verification. Most of the companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter offers Two Step Verification to protect their Users Data.

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14.Scan business card into Evernote. Based on the details of the business card Evernote will give you more information from LinkedIn Profiles.

15.You can give a Digital Life to your handwritten notes with Evernote Notebooks by moleskine.

16.If you want to merge several Notes into One, Select all the Note hold Shift on your Keyboard and click the mouse.

17.Use Penultimate (Digital handwriting App) for the natural Experience of Pen and Paper with the flexibility and Syncing of Evernote.

Use Penultimate (Digital handwriting App) for the natural Experience of Pen and Paper with the flexibility and Syncing of Evernote
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18.To set an in-App or Email Reminder click the alarm icon within a related note. Then select a date and time.

19.Using Skitch you can Annotate PDF versions of your notes with Arrows, Circles, and more Visuals.

Skitch Evernote Tips and Tricks
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20.If you want to View All of your Images that have Searchable Text. Search for “recoType:handwritten” or “recoType:Picture”.

21.Using Presentation Mode you can Quickly Transform your Notes into Slides. It will be perfect for Important Meetings.

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22.If you enable “related results” in the Web clipper it will show your notes that match your web Search Queries.

23.With Evernote and Postach.io you can publish your Evernote Contents as a Blog, You can even add Google Analytics to your blog.Postach.io is a Premium Feature.

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