14 Best Productivity Apps for Android And iOS

We keep our Smartphones Everywhere we go. Smartphone are Powerful Tool we can use them as Personal Assistants and Productivity Utilities. Here is the List of to do Lists and Time management apps to Boost Your Productivity.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a Note taking App.it help you to quickly capture what’s on your mind and remember at the right time.it is similar to Evernote you can create Voice note, Checklist (to do list).Every notes and list you create instantly sync on your Computer,Tablet and Mobile.


Evernote Allow you to take notes, collect images and webpages, Create Voice memos and handwritten notes. And it offers Features like to do List, Reminders, and Wish List. You can sync your notes and notebooks from your Phone to Your PC and any other Devices, it has clean and Simple UI that lets you to manage and organize your notes wonderfully.

14 Best Productivity Apps for Android And iOS


This is a Cross platform to do list Manager with multiple customization options. Wunderlist available on multiple Devices like Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. wunderlist have an user-friendly interface so it’s simple and easy to use. wunderlist available in 2 versions free and Pro. Pro version feature collaboration tools and commenting options.

14 Best Productivity Apps for Android And iOS  Wunder List


Any.do is a classy task manager with date, time and Reminders. Any.do allow the users to set alert and reminder for daily tasks. You can view tasks by category or task due date. It features autocomplete that makes task listing easy and quick. The only con of any.do is it doesn’t have a calendar view.

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This is an effective to do list tool for Peoples who want to Keep Projects organized. todoist available for Chrome bowser, Gmail, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.it has clean layout and user interface. todist offers some useful plugins for Browser versions. But in order to use its full features you must upgrade it to Pro.


Todo7 is one of the most Powerful collaborative to do list and task manager. Available for Android, iOS and Web.todo7 offers wide range of tasks listing. With additional subscription you can use todo7 on multiple platforms.


It is an fun task manger that gamifies your life. Available on major mobile Platforms Android and iOS .the best thing about HabitRPG is you can use it with your friends and HabitRPG community. It’s still in development stages so it’s become slow and buggy sometimes. If you are looking for best apps to monitor your habits try HabitRPG.

14 Best Productivity Apps for Android And iOS HabitRPG


It is a Personality to do list that allow you to complete tasks in return for rewards. Using carrot is fun and its rewarding system help to finish tasks without fail.it has clean user interface and easy to use.

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Pocket Lists

Pocket list is a feature rich task manager and check list for iPhone and iPad. You can set location and Time-based Reminders on Pocket Lists. With cloud sync option you can sync your list everywhere. Pocket list is a Premium app you need to pay $3.4 to download Pocket List.


Basecamp is a project management Application for tracking to do lists, Schedules and Files. Project managers find Basecamp useful it has elegant interface you can get a task status at a glance. You can store documents on Basecamp but if you store lots of documents the App may slow.


Asana Help users by Enabling Teams to work together effortlessly. Asana cut out email so you can finish tasks fast. You don’t have to Update meetings everyone one can see the latest update at a glance. The major con of Asana is you can’t Work Offline on Asana.

Rescue Time

Recue time is Chrome browser Time meter Extension that send weekly reports on where you spend most of your Time on Internet.so you can monitor where you waste most of your Time.it also allow you to create custom Reports.

14 Best Productivity Apps for Android And iOS  Rescue Time


Toggl is a Time management Service it tracks the time Spent on different Projects. Toggle available on mobile, Desktop and Web. Fully integratable with Fresh books and QuickBooks.

Now Then

Now then is a iOS time tracking application that allow you to monitor what you spend most of your time doing.it is fast and easy to use .you can export your data. Now Then give you full control for hierarchy of tasks.

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