10 Useful Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome

I have been using google chrome from the day it was released. And chrome is my default browser for many years .google chrome is offering lot features that make my Browsing easy, Simple and Smart. There is millions of games and application available for chrome. Google chrome is a very important tool that everyone should have on their computer. I know some important tips and tricks for chrome that will make your chrome experience more Smart and fast.

1.Sign in to chrome to get full access to your google chrome .chrome can sync you password, bookmarks, extension settings and more .to do that open chrome settings and sign in using your Gmail id and password. Now customize what you want to sync.

2. Do u want to add Home icon on the URL address bar (Omni bar) go to settings page under the appearance check show home button.

3. You can use chrome apps on offline.to use offline apps on your chrome browser go to webstore under the apps section select offline apps .Now you can download apps that will run on offline. With offline apps you can view Gmail on Offline. Download G mail offline app by Clicking HERE

4. Incognito mode is one of the cool feature chrome have .incognito mode is kind of like stealth mode .if you use incognito window chrome doesn’t save your Browsing History ,Download history and cookies.to Open New incognito Window by going to Settings and select new Incognito Window or Press CTRL+SHIFT+N

5. Do u know chrome has its own Task Manager to check and manage Memory use by each tab and extension.to open chrome task Manager Press SHIFT + ESC.

6.you can Set Multiple Profiles with different settings and bookmarks .it will be useful when one of your Friend or Family member want to share your computer.to set up a new profile go to settings find profiles click add new user .

7. When searching with Omni box after typed your content press CTRL+ENTER .it will open your results in new tab instead of opening in current tab

8. To perform a Quick Search highlight the text that you want to search and drag it to Omni box .it will open results for you search.

9. To save all the current tab’s press CTRL+SHIFT+D it bookmark the current tabs in a new folder.

10. If you always keep lot of tabs open, Chrome’s hidden Stacked Tabs feature will be helpful for you. Type chrome://flags into your browser’s Omni box, search for Stacked Tabs, and enable it. That’ll cause your tabs to stack up against each other instead of shrinking down when you’ve exceeded the amount of horizontal space available.

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