10 Reasons for your Computer Running Slow

There are many reasons for a Computer to Work Slow and any one of them could result in a crash or BSOD error (Blue Screen error).After OS Installation Usually PC’s slowdown over a Period of time. These are the many reasons for your Computer Running Slow.

1. Spyware

Spyware’s enables hackers to obtain Sensitive or Personal information about your computer activities. These Spywares will install in your Computer without your Knowledge they mostly install through E-mails. You must remove these them from your PC before they cause damage to your Application and Operating System.

2. Startup Applications

The More Applications are loading at Start up the Slower the Startup. Remove unwanted Programs that doesn’t Need to be Start at Boot.

3. The Registry

If your Registry Files is Corrupted or bloated.it may cause to BSOD error in future.it also cause your PC Performance like Windows Slow Start up and Slow Shutdown.

10 Reasons for your Computer Running Slow

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5. Badly Fragmented Hard Disk

Over time windows will scatter your Files and Data for allowing the storage to be used more proficiently this is called Fragmentation. While Disk Fragment is in Progress your computer will become slower than usual. You need to fragment disks in order to reduce data Access time and efficient Storage.

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6. Windows Page File

Windows page file is a Temporary Source of memory used by the system in processing functions. If the page file is too small your Operating System will not have enough space to move.so the result will be poor Performance and error messages.

3. Poor Antivirus

Lot of Antivirus Software’s require a Great deal of systems resource and Memory, they Constantly Check your PC for malicious programs this may cause your PC to Run Slow. If you are using Windows 8 and above use Microsoft Built in Antivirus Windows Defender.

7. Windows Temporary Files

Your Disk may contain useless files left over from reinstalls and Software’s Temporary Save Files may cause your PC to Run Slow. Delete Windows Temp Folder once a Week or use Programs Like CC Cleaner.

8. Virus

A Computer might Attacked by Viruses in many ways, a Good and reliable up to date Antivirus Software should Protect your PC.

9. Hardware Problems

Hardrive that doesn’t working properly may slow down your Computer. Make sure all cables are properly attached.

10. Overheat

If heat gets high enough Devices may fail to work or Suffer severe Damage. many computers are designed to Shutdown Automatically at a certain temperature and Prevent the CPU from suffering Permanent damage.

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