10 Most useful mac Apps and Utilities 2015

Whether you are new to mac or Seasoned Pro user, here is the list of some of the Most Useful mac Apps and Utilities that you must Use. Most of the Apps in this list are free and developed by third party Developers.

These Apps and Utilities help you to get more Productive and do more things that are not possible on mac. All the App listed below are compatible with the Latest mac OS Yosemite.

1. Knock

Knock let you to unlock your Mac without Typing password. Using Knock you can unlock your Mac by tapping your iPhone Screen or Apple Smart Watch.

10 Most useful mac Apps and Utilities 2015

2. HiddenMe

If you keep so many folders and files in your mac Desktop. Your Desktop might look cluttered using HiddenMe you can hide all the folders and files with a single click. You can also use Keyboard Shortcut.

3. Download Shuttle

Downlload Shuttle is a Download manager for mac, for faster downloads it will split a file into multiple Parts and download them simultaneously.it also allow you to Pause and Resume Downloads.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine will prevent your mac from going to sleep. If you click the caffeine icon in the menu bar it will stop your mac from automatically going to Sleep. This also Prevent Screen dimming while watching Movies.

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5. MacDropAny

With MacDropAny you can Simply Sync any folder with Google Drive and Dropbox without having to move them to the common folder of Google Drive or Dropbox.

6. Self Control

This Produtivity App help you to Stop Procrastinating .it will temporarily block your Access to time wasting Websites , mails and things which make you to Procrastinate.

7. Buffer

Buffer let you to Update Status, Share Photos and Links to multiple Social Networks Sites in One Click. The free version Allow you to Use three Social networks if you want to Add more you need to buy Premium membership.

8. AirDroid

AirDroid connects your Android Phone to your Mac. So you can wirelessly Transfer files ,Photos, and Access Messages from your mac Computer.

9. Unarchiver

This one is very useful compression Utility, Unarchiver can handle widely used zip formats like RAR,GZIP,TAR,EXE,MSI and ISO file. It also extract sounds and Photos PDF and Flash files.

10. Authy

actually Authy is not an Mac Application, it is an Google Chrome Extension. It helps you to Login into Websites that require 2 Step Verification without Using your Phone.

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