10 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know

iPhone is like a Pocket Sized Computer, these pocket Sized computers boast thousands of features buried inside the Operating System iOS. Whether you are experienced user or Brand New to the iPhone world. Probably you are not using your iPhone to its fullest.

And so here I share a few iPhone Tricks, some of which you may know by this time. I hope there is a good number of tricks you are not aware of yet. Most of these iPhone tricks will work on all version of iPhone, however Make sure you have the latest version of iOS.

1.You can set your iPhone to read your texts Aloud. You can Set this up in Settings menu, go to Settings and Choose General, Tap on Accessibility and turn on Speak Selection. If you did this correctly the Speak Option will be Available whenever you highlight a Text.

10 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know

2.To Access all of your Email drafts, while you are in the inbox Hold down the compose icon then it will show you a list of your Previous Drafts.

3.You can Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Texting. Go to iPhone Settings > General > keyboard > shortcuts Add new Shortcut. Now type a word or Phrase that you often use and a shortcut for that Phrase. For Example if you want to create a Shortcut for the Phrase “Good Night” in add new shortcut menu type Good night in the Phrase and “gn” in Shortcut. So whenever you type “gn” in your Keyboard it will appear as Good Night.

10 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know

4.You can create your own Vibration Patterns for Notifications. To do that Open Settings > Sounds > ringtones > Vibration > create new vibration. Now tap your fingers in a Pattern of your choice this will create a New Vibration pattern. From now on you can customize the vibration patterns for notification so you will know who is texting or calling just by the vibration

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5.While typing a Web Address in your Browser hold down the Dot (.) button on your keyboard, and a menu will Show up with a list of web suffices like .com, .org, .us, .in. you can choose from there. This will save you the time of typing the full address.

10 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know

6.This One is really a Cool Feature you can check out what airplanes are flying above you.to know that Ask Siri “What flights are overhead”.

7.Taking a Screen Shot is Easy just hold down the home button and on / off Button (located at the top) at the same time. You can find the Screenshots in your camera roll.

How to take a Screen Shot in Iphone

8.To improve your iPhone Security you can use longer Passcodes .for the longer passcode use letters instead of numbers. Open iPhone Settings Select General and Tap Passcode Lock then turn off “Simple Passcode”.

9.You should try this feature if you have a Habit of listening to music before sleep. You can set timer for listening music and Audiobooks. Just open the clock App Tap the Timer button located in the lower right side. Set the timer for how long you want the music to Play. And tap on “When Timer ends” Scroll down to the bottom and Select “Stop Playing”. So the Music Player Will turn off after the Timer Ends.

how to set times for Music in iPhone
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10.Normally your iPhone will vibrate or ring when you get a Text or Call.You can Change it to emit an LED flash to do that Go to Settings Tap General and Choose Accessibility and Scroll down to bottom then turn on LED flash for Alerts.

10 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know
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