10 Google Products you Did’t Know Existed

Google offers more than 100 features and tools that you probably don’t know. Useful tools and features like Google Dart, Full value of mobile, Google Correlate and more. Here is the List of 10 Google Products you Did’t Know Existed.

1. Google Sky

It is part of Google Earth, in Collaboration with NASA Google Sky Help you to Explore Space and Stars. Google Sky Uses the Images from NASA’s Hubble Telescope.

2. Google Keep

Google Keep is an app available on Smartphones and Desktop.it is Similar to Evernote with google Keep you can create Notes, Voice memos, Reminder, to do List and Pictures. Google Keep is connected to Google Drive so you can sync your Notes From Pc to Android Mobile. Google Keep has Clean Easy to use interface Gives a Great user Experience.

10 Google Products you Did't Know Existed

3. Dart

Google’s Dart is a Programming Language. Google Developed Dart in the hope of Replacing JavaScript☺ in modern Web Applications.in 2011 Google released Dart but it is still in Development Stages. With Dart google Aims to make Coding Easy and Simple. Thats why dart is designed to be simple Enough to learn it .

Google Dart

4. Google Fonts

Google Fonts offers Free Web Fonts. You can use them both personally or commercially .as of now more than 600 font families are Available at Google Fonts .if you are searching for open Source Fonts then Visit Google Fonts

5. Get your Business online

Googles’ Get your business Online help small Business to grow.to boost the local Economy Google helps Local business to get on the Web. The goal of Get your business online is get every local business in major Countries to the internet. This free Service also Offer 1 Free Domain Name and Webhosting for One Year.

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6. Full Value of Mobile

This useful tool help you to find the Value of your mobile Site. Google Full value of Mobile allow you to Analyze from mobile sites to calls to cross device ability. You can view how the customers interact with the various aspects of your business.

Google Full Value of Mobile

7. Google Public Data Explorer

Google public Data explorer allow you to search through database Around the World including OECD, Eurostat, The World Bank, and United States Census Bureau. You can find all kind of data’s like unemployed rate, Energy production Rate, Government Gross Report and more. You can filter through Categories to make Graphs that lets you to view Data’s in Line Graph and bar graph.

8. Google Trends

Google Trends help you to find trending Searches around the world. View by date or browse by different categories top searches. And the Explorer Function allow you to Search a word and see how it trended over time and Location.

9. Google Correlate

Correlate is a part of Google Trends it allow the users to look at search trends by time. For instance search for “Sweater” and you will see number of searches increase during the winter months. The most interesting thing about Google Correlate is the search by drawing Option. If you draw a weird funny graph Correlate will give you Search words that match your Graph.

Google Correlate

10. Google Ngram

Google Ngram is an Interesting Tool lets you to Search Keywords in Millions of books available on Google books. So you can view how much a word has been used from year 1500 to 2008.

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Schemer is a mix of Social Event Planning and To Do list app. you can connect Schemer via google plus. After setting up Your Preferences. Schemer will offer some interesting things to do around your Area. With google+, you can join with your Friends and see who wants to do the Same Thing that you want to. However Google Discontinued Schemer for some reasons.

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