10 Dropbox Features, Tips and Tricks you Need Know

Dropbox is one of the popular file hosting Service .I am a big fan of Dropbox I like dropbox for several reasons. First the Name dropbox describes the Product, Dropbox is offering clear value they are offering something I want. Ever since the release of alpha version everything works smooth and fine.

Dropbox is a Simple Service anyone can understand its concept. There several ways to tweak your Dropbox for getting most out of its features such as Downloading torrents remotely to dropbox, choosing files for offline reading and more, Hosting Website on Dropbox . If you are not using Dropbox get it from the Dropbox Website.

Dropbox Features

Offline File Reading in Dropbox

If you want to view any of your Dropbox files offline on your android Device. You need to favorite the Photos or Documents so you can view those files offline using Dropbox App in your mobile device .

Use Dropbox as Default Document Folder

You can change your Default Documents folder to Dropbox folder. you can do this on both Major Operating Systems Windows and mac .in Windows Right click on your Documents folder choose properties and Click Move then choose Dropbox folder. For mac Open terminal and type “cd Dropbox” and hit Enter then type “ln -s ~/Documents /Documents” Press Enter to complete the set up.

Email Files to Dropbox

If you want to send your email attachments to Dropbox .its possible with Send to Dropbox got to Send to Dropbox Website create an account and link your Dropbox .when you send attachment to a custom email Address that file will automatically send to your Dropbox folder.

Get More Dropbox Storage for Free

If you use free dropbox account you will have access to 2GB of free Storage, but you can get more extra Storage without paying. You can get 125mb space for connecting your Facebook, Twitter Accounts, 250Mb for completing the Getting Started feature, and 500Mb for Every People you refer to the Dropbox.

10 Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Keep Single Firefox Settings for Multiple Computers

If you use multiple computers it might be hard to keep specific preference or Add on in your firefox.to fix this problem Download Firefox portable and store it in your Dropbox Folder so your Firefox settings can be synched anywhere.

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Upload Files Via url

You can upload documents like PDF or similar documents from URL Droplet. All you have to do is copy a link of PDF file and past it into the URL Droplet form. You can also use Synchfile.Com

Upload Torrents from Dropbox

If you are away from your Home Computer and you wanted to download a Torrent file, before you reach home .you can do that by adjusting U torrent settings to Know more about this View this Wikihow Article .

Maintain Two Dropbox Accounts

Dropbox doesn’t allow multiple Accounts but many People use Dropbox for Personal and Business purpose since dropbox won’t support multiple accounts at Once .this can be inconvenient when you’re connected to one account and want to access fills in another account .there is a way to use two Dropbox Accounts at the Same Time, this Option is for Mac users only. Use an alternate home directory in the command line and create another Dropbox icon and folder, saved in a separate area on your computer to know more about this Feature Visit Dropbox Wiki .

Back up Website On Dropbox

You can backup your Website Data on Dropbox with Services like WordPress Plugin or Backup Box .

Host Websites on Dropbox

You can Host Websites in Dropbox using services like DropPages or Pancake.io, you can create a small and simple website with slight effort.

With Pancake.io all you need to do is save plain text files in Dropbox, and you can edit them at any time the same way. DropPages is a little bit more difficult, letting you add themes and custom URLs.

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