10 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2015

The computer World is filled with thousands of Programming languages .how can you know which language is the best and which on you want to learn first. How do you know which programming language is the best for your work. Probably I can’t say which one is best for you, but I do know about some of the most popular Programming languages. After reading this list you can decide which one you want to learn.

1. Java

You might heard of java before java is one of the most popular languages for building mobile Application and Games ,even modern Web Application .using java web developers Build scalable web applications for variety of platform users. Java is the main Language used to develop Android Apps and games for Smartphones and tablets.

10 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2015

2. C Sharp (C#)

C sharp is main language for developing on Microsoft Platforms, if you are building application using .Net and other languages , C# is the best way to create Powerful web Application for Microsoft . C# is also used in Video games. The multiplatform Game Engine unity uses C# as one of the main Programming language.

C# name

3. PHP

Building a web application that uses Data. PHP is the best language to use with database apps. PHP is used to create many of today’s data Driven Websites. And pup is has the technology for most powerful content management systems such as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress which you can use to extend your site.

4. C++

In my experience C++ and Python are the easiest Programming languages. I start to learn programming with C++. if you want your apps to connect to hardware and get most out of your processing power, C++ is the perfect option for Developing powerful Desktop Applications with C++ you can create hardware accelerated games and memory intensive apps on desktops, Console’s like Xbox 360 and mobile Devices.

5. Python

With Python you can do almost everything .web applications, UI (user interface), Games, Data analysis, Statics any kind things you want. Some of the rules of python are taken from C. Python can run some C code. Python powers the Web applications for Instagram, Pinterest and Rdio. Python often used for web Development, Desktop GUIs (Graphic User interface), Game Development, Scientific programming, and Network programming.


6. C

You might think why is the C language is still Popular it’s because of its size .C is small and powerful is mostly used for Embedded systems software’s .C is easy ,simple and Fast .

7. SQL

SQL is a special purpose programming language created for managing and changing Data in database. You can add data to a computer or remove data from the database or you can just view the data in the database.

8. Ruby

Ruby powers ton of most popular Web Applications .if you want to create Prototype of your software idea ruby can help you do that quickly .Ruby is Straightforward to learn and incredibly powerful programming Language.

9. Objective C

Objective C is an Object oriented Programming language .Objective C is used in Apple OS.it Powers in OSX and iOS and its APIs.it can be used to create iPhone apps and games.

10. Visual Basic

Visual basic is a Key language for .Net platform .Visual basic is used to build Business application like Excel and Word. When compared to other Programming Languages Visual basic is easy to read and use.

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