10 Best Free Android Apps to Organize your Day

Smartphones are becoming part of our life. I can’t imagine a day without my Android Phone. In Mornings after Wake up the first thing we do is checking our mobile Phone.Smartphones help us stay Productive and Entertained. Android is the best Operating System because it work well with Google Products and Services like Google Calendar, Gmail, YouTube, Google maps and more.

There are many Great Android Apps available in the Android market. And here is my list for 10 Best Free Android Apps that will help you to organize your Life.

10 Best Free Android Apps

1. Evernote

Evernote is your Digital Notebook, Evernote Allow you to take notes, collect images and webpages, Create Voice memos and handwritten notes. And it offers Features like to do List, Reminders, and Wish List. You can sync your notes and notebooks from your Phone to Your PC and any other Devices, it has clean and Simple UI that lets you to manage and organize your notes wonderfully. If you use Evernote effectively it will make sure you never forgot anything.

Download Evernote

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2. Netflix

Netflix is the one of the largest and most used Service to watch movies And TV Shows on Your phone or Your Computer. this Application have some Cool Features whenever or wherever you watch a TV show or Movie you can resume where you left off on your Computer and Android Phone.

Download Netflix

3. Google keep

If you are a fan of Evernote you will love Google Keep too. Google Keep help you to quickly capture what’s on your mind and remember at the right time.it is similar to Evernote you can create Voice note, Checklist (to do list).Every notes and list you create instantly sync on your Computer,Tablet and Mobile.

Download Google Keep

Google Keep Android

4. CloudOn

Boost you Productivity with CloudOn. Microsoft Office files Excel, word and PowerPoint files are accessible on CloudOn .it lets you to Edit Spreadsheets, Documents and PowerPoint Presentation from any Device. And it supports cloud hosting services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and Box .you can share files via Email directly from CloudOn

Download CloudOn

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the popular file hosting Service, for whole collection of Photos, Videos, and Documents .it makes it easier to organize files easily. You can access your files from anywhere like your desktop, Tablet and Android Phone. You can back up your Phones Photos and Videos on Dropbox if your phone lost or broke you still have your Data on Dropbox.

Download Dropbox

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6. Camscanner

Turn your Android Phone into scanner, Camscanner is a Superb Document management Application for Individuals, Organizations, and Small business .this is a perfect app for those who want to scan and edit various documents .you can also sync and share your documents with Cam scanner.

Download CamScanner

7. Google Music

Google music is a best Alternative for Pandora and Spotify ,it’s great because you can access your Music library from your PC and Mobile .Google Music offer Free Songs to Download from Google Play ,you can also buy Albums and Single Tracks from google Play store.

Download Google Music

Google Music Free

8. Pulse News

Pulse lets you to Read Blogs and News Websites in one place, pulse organize everything to Browse Easily. You can also save article to Read later, it also allow you to sync article to Evernote and Instapaper.

Download PulseNews

9. Robin

Robin act as an Assistant while you Driving .Robin will Assist you with GPS Navigation, Local information, Communication and Fun. Robin works with hands free so it will keep your eyes on the road.

Download Robin

Robin Android Free

10. Yelp

Looking for Good Restaurant? Yelp will help you to find Shops and Restaurants that you are not familiar with .if you are looking for new shop or restaurant it has an augmented reality monocle that uses your Phone Camera view finder to Find What Restaurant and Shops are around you.

Download Yelp

If you have Any Favorite Apps share it in the Comments.

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