10 Best Courses and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming

Apple describe Swift as a new language that lets everyone build Amazing Apps. Apple introduced swift language in 2014.with swift language apple aims to simplify the codes used in its Operating Systems OS X and iOS. Also they want swift to compatible with C, Objective-C and Cocoa touch framework.

Here is the Best Websites,Courses, and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming

Best Websites,Courses and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming

Swift Documentation

Apple’s Swift documentation is the best place to start Learning Swift Programming. You don’t need a Developer account to access the swift documentation. The documentation includes Basic Video Tutorials, Sample Codes, iTunes U Courses, Programming Guides and References.

Introduction to Swift

Udemy has released a list of Video tutorials on YouTube containing Short courses on Swift programming. If you don’t like learn through E-Books you can try this Video Tutorial. These tutorials covers Swift Programming introduction, Swifts Syntax types such as Variables and constant, integers and more. Click the below link to visit the tutorials page.

Udemy Introduction to Swift language

iTunes U

you can Subscribe to the University of Plymouths Swift Programming Course in iTunes U. Professor Nick outram will teach the course in a series of short videos. Most of the lessons are fairly short and practical which helps the students keep engaging. For Practice and future references you can download the codes used in the lessons

iTunes U Learn Swift Programming 

Best Websites,Courses and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming

Udemy Introduction to Swift Programming

Apple Developed Swift to be as easy to understand so that New Programmers or non-Programmers will be able to Larne it quickly as Possible. Udemy is offering a free course for non-Programmers to learn Swift. The free course contain 8 videos that will walk you through the basics of Swift Programming. You don’t need a prior Programming Experience to understand this course.

Introduction to Swift for Non-Programmers

Best Websites,Courses and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming


SoSoSwift has a collection of Sources on where to Learn Swift Programming. The website features Articles, Videos, tutorials, Libraries and Code examples to create Apps for OS X and iOS. You can also send your suggestions of sources and tutorials to include in the website’s collection.

Swift Blog

Apple’s official Swift blog contains Tips, examples, and insights on Swift language. The blog help you to stay up to date with Programming

Best Websites,Courses and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming

The Swift Programming Language – iTunes Book

It is a Book available for download for OS X and iOS users. The book contains Apples Very own Swift references. And also it explains the essentials of swift, Concepts and Workflow with code Examples. Starting with an official guide like this is book is the best way to Learn Swift.

The Swift Programming Language Book 

Udemy Swift Courses

Rob Percival has published a Swift course on Udemy called complete iOS8 and Swift Course. It is one of the most revived Swift course on Udemy. Almost 97,000 Students have enrolled for the course.

Here is few other Swift Programming Courses Available in Udemy

iOS 8 and Swift: Develop Real World Apps From Scratch

Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days: Build 16 iPhone apps

Learn Apple’s New Swift Programming Language Step By Step

Learn to code in Swift in 1 Hour!

Create a chat app with swift

The Comprehensive Guide to Swift

Learn Swift Build Your First iOS Game Tetris

If you have learned the basics of Swift programming, you can try to build your first App. bloc.io has published a E-book called Learn Swift Build Your First iOS Game, the book will teach you to Develop a game step by step using Swift Language. The game you create will look similar to the classic game Tetris. This books is available for free you can download it via email Subscription.

Best Websites,Courses and Tutorials to Learn Swift Programming


SwiftLang is website dedicated to learn swift programming SwiftLang has a collection of Swift references from various websites. There is also forum for swift programming, you can ask for help or tech others with learning Swift Programming.

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