10 Best Android Games of 2014

Broken Sword 5

Broken Sword 5 is an action adventure mystery game you must solve the crime involving a stolen painting and a huge conspiracy.it features a strong story fun graphics and controls allow for truly engaging gameplay. Broken Sword 5 story takes place over two episodes which available as separate purchases. These games ratings are 4.5 and 4.6 out of 5 respectively. Download Broken Sword 5 from Google play

Monument Valley

Monument Valley was the darling of Smartphone gamers in 2014.the game featured brilliant optical illusions and the game is essentially a puzzle game that has you trying to find and figure out those illusion Puzzles.it comes with a simple but dark story and unique colorful graphics.Download Monument Valley

10 Best Android Games of 2014  Monument Valley

Five Nights at Freddie’s

Widely known as the scariest mobile game of all time five nights at Freddie’s wanted to provide an experience unlike any other you play as a security guard who has to keep watch over pizza restaurant that is hunted at night by possessed animatronic robots. In order to keep being killed by them you must dress up like one whenever they see you. It’s creepy and it’s brilliant Game.Download Five Nights at Freddie’s 

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Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6 was released earlier in 2014 as a remake. The Graphics and Touch Controls are improved. But storyline remained relatively unchanged. This is an RPG game with 35 to 40 hours of game play featuring an amazing story line. Along with some extra content like bonus dungeons, extra magic, extra items and more. It’s considered one of the best RPG tittle’s of all time and now it’s on Android.Download Final Fantasy 6

10 Best Android Games of 2014 Final Fantasy 6


Fifa 15 is this year’s mobile version of the popular football slash Soccer simulation game Developed by EA Sports.fifa15 features improved graphics and gameplay over last year’s release fifa 14. As well as updated rosters and more stuff to do. it is true that EA sports is putting number in app purchases this title and that is a shame but there are a few sports games. Released this year they can compete with the complete experience That Fifa 15 provides. Download Fifa 15

Goat simulator

Goat simulator is a game that took over PC by storm. And ended much the same on Android in 2014.in this game you play the totally realistic life of the goat as you fly around crashed through walls blow things up and cause general mayhem. the game singlehandedly brought back the phrase. Download Goat Simulator

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Kingdom rush Origins

Kingdom rush origins is a tower defense game that is the prequel game to the original two Kingdom rush Games. This seems to applied all the holes that entire titles had as the game currently rocks in incredible 4.8 at a five-star rating in the Google Play Store. The game features new towers new bad guys and more fun.Download Kingdom rush Origins.

10 Best Android Games of 2014  Kingdom rush origins


République is unique game with a complicated story and great graphics the gameplay mechanics are unique in that you play as a hacker who jumped in various security cameras to help a woman from some dangerous peoples. It has 3 episodic adventure and you could purchase the other episodes as in app purchases.Download République at Google play

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic isn’t RPG from the early 2000’s from Bioware who also brought its recent game dragon age: inquisition. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic features a very long story complete with multiple endings based on how the player chooses to play. There’s also character customization support for third-party controllers and even achievements. The graphics in controls have been redone for mobile. Download Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Android

The Room 2

Room two is a puzzle game that revolves around the strange fantastical. You play as an adventure who may solve a Range of puzzles and unlock things to progress to the next stage. Most items in most rooms are puzzles with an puzzles within puzzles and the clues can come out almost at anywhere it’s a great brain teaser with some outstanding graphics and about the only problem is that it’s pretty short but it’s still really fun.Download The Room 2 Android.

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