10 Best Android Applications of 2014

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange has helped untold number people in an untold number ways across many topics. their official Android application takes a positive force that is stack Exchange and makes it mobile. if you’re curious about pretty much anything then this is the application you should have on your Android device it’s a great community that is run by the community and they do a pretty good job of it.

Download Stack Exchange 

All Cast 

All cast is an application that lets your Android device to communicate with a number of things such as chrome cast, Apple TV, Amazon fire TV, Roku, X box and many others. you can sync your personal content like photos and videos to your TV, Tablet and other devices. there’s a free version to try out but the paid version removes the restrictions and gives you the Full experience.

10 Best Android Applications of 2014
Download All cast Android

Commandr for Google Now

Commandr is an application aims to make Google now more useful from a practical view.it works offline allows you to do some other basic things like turn on and off things like Bluetooth Wi-Fi flashlight as well as setting volume, accessing Google play music playlists and more. if you have root access you can even reboot into recovery and clear your notifications. It is an unique application and all Google Now fans should check out this Application.

Download Commandr AndroidHere Maps 

Nokia had a big year since they distance themselves from hardware and started focusing more on software. One of the most recent additions to their software lineup is Here maps. It has a great design offline mode and many of the same features as Google Maps such as the ability to explore things nearby, turn by turn directions and maps available in more than 100 countries

Download Here maps

10 Best Android Applications of 2014 here maps

Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher was released earlier in 2014 and has become the way for people to get a stock Android feel on their Android devices without all the root and ROM stuff that many don’t feel comfortable doing. It comes with built-in Google now support and a solid set of features and it’s much simpler than OEM skin launchers and most third-party launchers. It’s very Google center but people who use this know that and use it for that reason.

Download Google Now Launcher

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Horizon Camera

It is a camera application that aims to do things from a different perspective. horizon allows you to produce full horizontal shots no matter how you hold your phone. it means you can hold your Phone in portrait or landscape anything in between. And the video comes out as you’re holding it in landscape mode. Horizon correct the problem that many people don’t know they have and does so in a unique in offensive way.

Download Horizon Camera


if this than that is called IFTTT and it help peoples to create connections between applications so many do something in one application it makes the other and do something else. For examples the ability to save a picture from Instagram uploaded to Google Drive automatically. The options are virtually limitless and it can save you a lot of time and effort. You can even find lists of recipes easily in Google to help get you started.

Download IFTTT for Android

10 Best Android Applications of 2014 IFTTT

Themer Launcher

Themer Launcher was in beta for really long time. but this year it was Released. Themer is unique because it is a Theme launcher with free themes. The themes you can choose your home screens are highly buried and quite enjoyable. All the teams are fully customizable and the themes are done by a talented community. And it is integrated with super widget if you want something truly different for a launcher give this one a shot.

Download Themer Launcher

10 Best Android Applications of 2014

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VLC Player

After a long road of fixing bugs adding features VLC for Android has finally exited beta with version1.0 released in December 2014. the beta version was already popular but it should be even more so now but it’s not beta anymore.it plays video and audio files along with the number more unique features. That you’ll find only with VLC. Those who search for a new media player should check this one out.

Download VLC Player for Android

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher was originally done by app development start of that was purchased by Yahoo for quite a bit of money it features a redesigned homes screen set up with categories to organize your applications contextual features based on what time it is and your location.

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