10 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Gmail

Gmail Provides powerful Features that many of us don’t know, Gmail offers much more than just Compose and Send. With some hacks and tricks you can do pretty much anything in Gmail.

Add other Email Accounts inside Current Account

If you have multiple Gmail Accounts then this hack is for you, if you use multiple Gmail Accounts you should log in to each account separately to access you emails that will take most of your time away. Go to Gmail settings select “Accounts and Import” tab then click on “Add another email address you own” a Small window will pop up enter your other Account Email and click next Step, Now Gmail will send verification code to your other mail id. After you verified your account you can receive your other Accounts email in your current account. You can also send Emails as the other Account.

10 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Gmail

Gmail Spell Check

When you are composing an Email Gmail will automatically fix your Spelling mistakes for you. But sometimes Gmail can’t recognize the words.in that case you can manually run a Quick Spell check .click on the Down arrow located at the right bottom of the compose mail window. Choose check spelling in few seconds Gmail will highlight the mistakes.

Remove Formatting

If you copy and paste something from online site, the pasted text will look like exactly as the one you copied and the text may kind of look whacky. you can change text to normal format, enable formatting option located next to the send button then click on remove formatting button(TX) , you can Also use keyboard Shortcut Control + .

Use more than one Color Star

Probably most of us use the yellow color Star to mark an Email as Important. But Gmail have options for more other color Stars and icons. Open Gmail Settings in General tap scroll down to the stars Section and click on all stars, now you can Sort Categorize your Emails with more color Stars and icons.

10 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Gmail

Add mails to Tasks

If you don’t want to Read or replay to an email right know you can add the mail to tasks. Just mark an Email click the more button then select add to tasks, now Gmail will add it to your tasks and remind you later.

Shortcut for shortcuts

You can view Gmail’s all shortcut list by pressing a Single button on your keyboard.in your inbox simply Press the “?” button on key board a black screen will pop with Gmail’s full shortcut list.

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Canned Responses

If you ever find yourself composing or replaying the same message again and again. Then you should use the Gmail lab tool called “Canned Response” it will help you to create automatic responses, to enable canned response go to Settings and choose labs tap scroll down and find canned response click to Enable then save changes. You can simply insert in in your email by clicking on the down arrow located on the right bottom of the compose window.

Undo a Send Email

you can undo a sent e-mail in Gmail with the help of an Gmail lab to set up an undo email Option, Select the gear icon and Open Settings.in The settings page select labs tab, Scroll to the bottom you will see undo Send tool select enable, then Click Save Changes in the bottom of settings page. Come back to your inbox and compose a mail to check. When you hit send a dialogue will displays “your Message has been sent” will also show you the undo option .if you click on undo the email will reopen in the composition window.

In Default you have 10 seconds to hit the undo button otherwise the button will disappear. You can adjust that time by going to Settings >General>Undo Send and select the amount of seconds that you want the Undo Email message to be displayed.

Drag images to insert

Gmail allow you to insert online images by drag and drop. Go to google images search and open an image just right click on it and Copy image. Now compose a new Email in Gmail. Press Ctrl + V on your Keyboard and the image will be pasted into the Email. You can also Drag and Drop images from any website.

Add themes to inbox

Make your inbox visually attractive with Themes. Click on the gear icon and Choose Themes, from the themes page you can choose variety of themes, you can also use custom backgrounds.

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